Elementary School


Can you spot the future Vikings

in your elementary school photos?


As you look through these class photos, it quickly becomes evident that for many in our class their friendships were not limited to three years at NEHI.  They started in junior high school or elementary school, perhaps as early as kindergarten or first grade, and continue to this day. St. Petersburg was a small town in the ‘50s when we were growing up and many of these friendships crossed into other aspects of our lives whether it was social activities or youth sports.  It is easy to understand why we share so many long ago memories with such joy when we see each other.

Most of our NEHI '62 classmates came to Northeast from several elementary schools in St. Petersburg.  The public schools included:

54th Avenue Elementary

Clearview Avenue Elementary

Euclid Elementary

Harris Elementary

Lealman Avenue Elementary

North Shore Elementary

North Ward Elementary

Norwood Elementary

Rio Vista Elementary

Woodlawn Elementary

As you browse through the tabs for each school, enjoy the brief histories from The Superintendant's Semi-Centennial 1912-1962:  The Golden Anniversary of Pinellas Schools, Celebrating 50 Years of Educational Progress. 


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