Lealman Avenue Elementary

From The Golden Anniversary of Pinellas Schools, 1912-1962


Lealman Avenue Elementary 5th Grade, 1954-1955 - Mrs. Decker

Row 1 (far left front to back) Donnie Pendley, ?, Margie Kindel, ?. At the piano is Sharon Land.

Row 2 front Dewey White, Donald Boniface (Dixie), ?, Billy or Bobby Albritton, and Barbara Holzhammer.

Row 3 front Ricky Blonshine (Dixie), John Costello, ?, ?.

Row 4 front Carol Pneuman (Dixie), Sandra Hanky (?), ?, and the last one possibly Bruce Mitchell.

Row 5 front Bonnie O'Connor, Caroline Wheeler, Gilbert Pittenger, Ronnie Circle.

Row 6 front ?, ?, Judy Terrell (Dixie), Jaclyn Swenningsen.

Row 7 front Cheryl Toby, Ann Keith.


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