North Ward Elementary

           From The Golden Anniversary of Pinellas Schools, 1912-1962


North Ward Elementary 6th Grade, 1955-1956 - Mrs. Brown

Left Row front to back - Skippy Guy, Weyman Willingham, George Stovall, Barbara McCormick, Diane Zuercher

2nd Row - John Martin, Susan Woods, Don Grant, Ricky Boling , Chris Stiles, Mike Lawrence, Charlie Egerton

3rd Row - David Hicks, Susan Perry, Bill Beville, Cynthia Miller, Janet Nichols, Kathy Lowe, Rodney Laval 

4th Row - ? , David Dunbar, Betty Ballah, Jimmy Earle, ? , Kathy Jackson

Back Row left to right - Sarah Becraft, Jeanne Varner, Jack Baldwin, Sherry Mastry, Mrs. Brown.


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